This House Has Fallen

“If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land”. 2Ch 7:14

There’s always an inexplicable effect the Kendricks’ movies have on me – guilt, repentance and restoration. Just like ‘Fireproof’, when I saw ‘The War Room’ two night ago, it literally broke me down and drove me to my knees. I realised I have just been passing through life oblivious of the demands God has been making on my life. How else could I have known when all that society expects from me is conformity, that same old ‘institutionalization’ that have sent some otherwise brilliant minds to mental asylums, or worse still, six feet under. I, like many young folks my age are in hot pursuit of purpose and meaning, but yet subdued by the pressures to meet limitless expectations, fulfill empty obligations and satisfy insatiable desires. I had completely forgotten what it meant to be called of God, to be at least, the human created after His likeness. I no longer thirst for Him like I ought to, pray as I used to, fellowship like I need to. I can’t even make notes anymore when I study, of course I can’t, how can I when my study experience has been compressed to flipping through scriptures on my tablet, and windowed out by deadlines. And then, I keep sinking deeper and deeper, hoping I’d make up with a personal retreat or at least, some time out with the brethren. How I wish I knew He doesn’t require a part of my time, He’d rather have all of it, especially in my secret place. Talking about that, is my house still intact? When last did HE visit, come to think of it, that was about three years ago! Oh, This House…My House has fallen! …I can’t see the pieces anymore… the garbage room has suddenly taken up the closet space… that secret place.
And so I wonder if I’m the only one in this cul de sac? If the over 3 Billion Christians in the world today are not in this same shoe? No wonder the world is still in chaos, no wonder epidemics are ravaging everywhere, no wonder peace and tranquil is far from sight. Everyone wants to lead when we haven’t lived…we want to sit and write our stories when we haven’t stood up to live them out…we want to stand and have our say for the world to hear, when we haven’t knelt to hear what the Lord is saying…and our homes keep falling apart…our kids no longer know the Lord, our teens are being swayed by the world, our wives no longer submit and our husbands aren’t ready to commit..What is more, our hearts is far from Christ.
This might sound like a really interesting musing…but my heart is ticklingly aching right now. I realize my spiritual lethargy is affecting every other area of my life –academics, relationships, career, ministry, and what have you? If I continue at this rate, I’ll soon be done for. My dreams are fast becoming illusions, it seems like I’m now bandied with the crowd. This is no piece of art my friend, this is a reality I’ve awakened to and I hope you’d awake to too. I wish every right thinking Christian would watch ‘The War Room’, maybe you’ll have a figment of the reality I’m talking about. In fact, it should be watched in every home, place of worship, religious center and public house, maybe It’ll stir our hearts to repentance and restoration. Maybe finally, our land may be healed and families perfected.
As for me, in this month, nay, for the rest of my life, I’ll choose to walk closer, press deeper, run faster, knees pressed against my floor, knocking on heaven’s gate calling on His name for restoration and for health to my land, and its people. I wish you would all join me in doing this.
So, I beat on this fine morning, with arms spread out against the winds, and a renewed will borne ceaselessly into my future, knowing this: He still loves me.
Happy New Month Friend!