Exactly one year and few months ago, I completed the statutory National Youth Service in far away Kogi State. It was an exhilarating and never-to-be-forgotten experience. Many friends and families were made there. It was as though a part of me stayed even after I left there. In fact, I have oft-times fondled with the idea of adopting Ijumu, and indeed Kogi State as my third state of origin. Now, while pondering on paying a return-visit to Kogi for a plethora of reasons, chief of which is the N.C.C.F. Batch-A hand-over ceremony to be held in a couple of days at the memorable Asaya orientation camp, many thoughts dangle across my mind like a pendulum. I’m suddenly caught with a rushing apprehensive feeling of high expectations from people in all the places I’m scheduled to visit; from the Principal, Teachers and other members of staff as well as students at my erstwhile PPA, Unfamiliar successors at NCCF who would like to know what has become of a “Gee”, Community members and chiefs, Personal CDS project partners, Disciplers, and most especially the lives God helped me touch.

As I brace myself for the right (underline right) answers to give to several questions that would be fielded from several quarters, I can almost certainly feel a lot of eagerness from people expecting to know what has become of their favourite corper. I’m cocksure questions like: Have you gotten a job yet? Have you settled down yet? Are you engaged now? Have you started your PhD? Are you still active in what you used to do? Are you still keeping true to your dreams? What are you into now? How has your walk with God been? et cetera, et cetera, will most definitely be asked by people unsuspicious of how much I’m trusting God to help me give the right answers. But while I was soliloquising and taking stock of all God has and is still helping me achieve so far and after having realised that I still have a long way to go, do you know what stumbled across my mind? I thought to myself;

“Wait a minute oo, Oga Ade, you still have Christ, don’t you? Even if you think you haven’t gotten to where you hoped you would be, you haven’t lost Jesus so far, and if he’s all you have, then, dude, you’ve got all you would ever need”

I wonder how many of my colleagues who we finished together can still hold true to this testimony despite all the disappointments and upheavals the world has thrown our way. How many can still say that after all those temptations to change their birth-age or ‘edit’ their C.V. to meet up with that job requirement, to settle for just any partner because there’s overwhelming pressure from everywhere, or even to deny their true identity and purpose in class because one wants to make a Ph.D grade, after all these and much more, how many can still confidently say – I haven’t lost Jesus. God knows that I, even I, have struggled with a lot of challenges so far, but after all is said and done, I still haven’t lost Jesus.

Now after almost a year and three months, all I’m prepared to say to every expectant heart back in Kogi State is – I still have Jesus, but however, like Big Bros. Paul said in Philippians 3:13 “Brethren, I count not myself to have apprehended: but this one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind, and reaching forth unto those things which are before. This, my friends, is all I live for EVERYDAY. I hope you too can say the same?

Do you still have Jesus?


Egypt to Save Over US $2.4 Billion Annually, Cut CO2 Emissions by 13%, Water Consumption by 40%…

Greening Nigeria’s Energy sector would most assuredly ameliorate the austere effects of Fuel Scarcity as we are currently experiencing…There is no other better time than now for our political elites to start looking into facilitating the transition to a green economy for Nigeria…Let’s take a cue from our far sister country- Egypt
– #whatisyourmessage?
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Moyra Akure: A Prodigy in the making

“That our sons may be as plants grown up in their youth; that our daughters may be as corner stones, polished after the similitude of a palace” – Psalms 144:12

Once I met a witty teenage girl who told me that with God on my side and with undaunted tenacity, I could become whoever I wanted to be,achieve the greatest feat known to mankind,and make history in my generation. Unknown to her, this was to become one of the quips that continues to fuel my passion to inspire my generation for greatness. I’m not always particularly inebriated about any Nigerian prodigy, having taught some myself, but in this case, I’ll gladly make an exception. At first appearance, Moyra (pronounced as Mo(y)-ra or Moira) as she is fondly called would strike anyone as a young woman in her early twenties, she possesses such mien and demeanour, one would think she is a mother. Her strong personality even in the midst of grief is enviable.Her thoughts about life are way past her age, she seem to precede her generation in her plans for the future. One was sure to carry a vivid impression of a bright visionary at the slightest encounter with her, in my case, It was less than a week. Of all the teenagers I had met at that time,she was definitely the most astounding. Her passion for music, and not just any kind, but gospel music is transcendental, nay, celestial. You need to see her on the strings, it will look as though you just met Asa’s younger sister.You wouldn’t hesitate to replay her debut single -‘Grace’ over and over again while reflecting on the depth of the lyrics and prowess of the composer. Only recently did I learn that she performed at an event in the U.K. where tears rolled down people’s cheeks. I should add that her songs and poems would have the same idyllic effect on any listener. As young as she is, she would shoulder enormous responsibility even over her seniors when it comes to getting things done. Her administrative and project planning acumen is way beyond description, If you’ve ever met Mr. Mike Akure, you wouldn’t doubt where she got that from. If you had been to any of Lokoja’s Bethel TOM Club meetings while she was around, you won’t mistake the rapport and confidence she facilitated among her peers for usual.
Even distance would not unnerve her patriotic spirit as she remains bonded to her Nigerian friends and home.
What more can I say, she remains a beacon of hope to her family and friends, a worthy model for her peers, a gift to Nigeria and a blessing to her generation. She is one that truly defies the truism, if any,of the Nigerian factor most teenagers her age would readily give for obscurity.She was recently with the Hillsong Young and Free, and one only wonders which top christian band she might be seen with next. She is the next big thing to look out for, an humble prodigy in the making…
I would most likely paint this same picture of my dear friend even if I had met her through another platform, but thanks to her dad,I would live to pursue a ministry in Teens and Youth Outreach.
Moyra Akure…..you are indeed an unsung hero…I Celebrate you!

Professor Tekena Nitonye Tamuno: The Sacred Canopy of Our Rainbow Coalition- A Tribute By Toyin…

A man said to the universe:

“Sir, I exist!”

“However,” replied the universe,

“The fact has not created in me

A sense of obligation.”

This got me thinking, “With all God has invested in me, why should I still keep hiding?’ …I hope you think the same.

Happy Nu Month to Everyone..
MAY we all experience a deeper dimension of God this month!
So sorry for my brief, unsolicited social media absence…I’ve been brooding on a lot of issues…Hopefully,I should let them out soon enough..

To Late Papa Tekena Nintonye Tamuno, I’ll respect your last wishes Sir on not writing a tribute by deferring to Prof. Toyin Falola’s Tribute,but just to say,I couldn’t have agreed with him more

To my friends and acquaintances recently mobilized for the National Youth Service, my heart heart goes out to you all.Fruitful Service Year ahead.

To You Have a Great Weekend Ahead!

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