What is you message to the world?

Change they say, is inevitable…the more we live, the more we are the more we are exposed to change,but the suprising fact is that thereĀ  is still someone who is changeless in nature.Generations pass and he still remains the same,you must have guessed right that I’m referring to our God…I recently came to an understanding that God’s ears are not deaf to our prayers, but his seemingly silent mode is meant to check if we’ll still remain true to our FAITH..Friends,trust me,faith absolutely moves mountains,just…..KEEP HOPE ALIVE!

I’m making a toast to change,to everyone who genuinely wants to start on a fresh page with God irrespective of what the achievements or mistakes they lay claim to in the past….To you I say GO FOR IT!

Join me on this blog as we share purely spiritual and inspirational contents to make our message (whatever it may be) known to the world,friends I dare to ask you again- WHAT IS YOUR MESSAGE?